Linda's Big Day
Date : Monday, July 19, 2010
It had been so long since I last blogged... I should have blog about my "graduation" but I was pure lazy... anyway, I am really satisfied with my final sem results and I can say bye bye to all the assignments ... wee!!!

Without having lectures mean I have so much free time after work... too much of free time makes me feel useless.... been so hooked by Kpop and I officially in love with this boy band "FTisland". They are so young but yet so talented. Their songs are addictive... So tempted to learn Korean language ... save my trouble hunting for eng subbed clips... hahaha but Korean is definitely not an easy language to learn.

18/07/2010 is Linda's big day. Mingni and I stayed over at her place to prepare ourself for the event. Am grateful that the gate crashing was not an early one. We slept at 1am and were to wake up at 6.20am. The bride couldn't sleep till 4am.. Guess she was too excited. Despite for the lack of sleep, she still look gorgeous.

The morning errands ended at around 1pm... much earlier than I expected. Went back home to watch my favourite Korean Drama "You're Beautiful" and nearly fell asleep... after a good rest, I need to prepare myself for the wedding dinner... hahaha I broke my own record for putting on makeup... I spent almost 1.5 hr on my face.. all thanks to the fake eyelashes... hahaha Ya I know I'm vain.. :P

Camworing at the hotel suite:

A very obvious difference in height -_-Gorgeous Mrs Heng :DAt the ballroom:

The last time I came to this ballroom was for my company D&D, I was a Samsui woman... after a good 3plus months... I've been promoted to a civilian :)

Daniel wasn't able to join us or the wedding dinner cus of his NS reservice, however, we found a Daniel look alike! The waiter who is somehow in-charge of our table really look like him.... even my mum say so after seeing this pix.. LOL Although this waiter gave me a few shock by appearing so close behind me and his over-sized uniform kept "attacking" Zach and my food.... I still quite like his service because he is very friendly ... hahaha *Thumbs up!*

I had an eventful day and felt really happy for Linda and Lynus. Wish them a "Happily ever after" ^_^

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World Best Dancing Pig's Concert 舞法舞天2010好看惨了~~~!!!
Date : Sunday, May 23, 2010
After a good 2.5 years .. I attended Show's concert again!! Remember the first Show's concert was my 21st birthday gift from my Keppel sweeties and my very noble sis.. I was at a chalet with my Music Forest's frens on the day of concert and have to leave before the BBQ starts and I was back to the chalet when everyone was about to sleep... hahaha

This time round, I am the 100% "investor" of my own ticket... A gift I bought for myself as a reward after exams :) In order to get nearer to the stage , means a bigger hole I have to dig into my wallet.. My heartache initially.. but definitely not after the show! I'm glad I'm not stingy.. Was standing almost 95% through the whole concert.. Think I bought a standing tix..the chair was for meant for my bag~~~ LOL
I've recorded almost the whole concert.. My right hand almost broke and my camera fainted 15 secs before the grand finale... Drained two full batts just on recording.. hahaha
I realised I only took videos and did not take any pixs.. The pixs below are all Chantelle's effort.. Good job! :D

We got to queue up just to get into indoor... and it's a super long queue despite ours was thru premier entrance... Hahaha.. Kyann kept emphasizing to her frens that ours was premier entrance.... more "Atas" their north entrance ... hahahaha very Hao Lian! :P

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The feel of freedom
Date : Saturday, May 8, 2010
Been neglecting my blog for almost a quarter year's time... I have so many things to update .... but seriously no time to blog... Almost got drowned by all the assignments ... Strategic Management, Global Marketing and Distribution Channels... final semester was filled with killer subjects... Work + studies nearly drove me crazy... lack of sleep was a really serious problem...

However, I am not alone in this.. all my school mates, especially my groupmates, had a really hard time coping this semester.. felt really blessed to work with them (Mingni aka love love, Linda, Huiwen, Daniel and Zach)...I think I should call them War mates rather than groupmates... haha cus we were fighting war almost throughout the academic period... My house became the base for our projects... my love love even camped at my living room for the sake of saving cab fare and to earn more precious sleeping time .... "Xin Ku Ni Le" :D I am really grateful to my mummy, daddy and sis for being so understanding~Kam Sia ah!

05/05/2010 suppose to mark the end of our "misery" ... but unfortunately, some of us are still suffering from mental torture... hope that 3rd June can come sooner..really worried about the results.. super low confidence level... will hard work really pay off? I really really hope so.... Looking forward to graduate with all my school mates... :X

Tomorrow will be the long awaited Zoo Day! Gonna chuck my worries aside ... at least for tomorrow.... I miss my monkey and giraffe :D

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Turi Beach @ Batam (16/01/2010 - 17/01/2010)
Date : Sunday, January 31, 2010
This is my first overseas trip with my friends.. haha Although Batam sounds too near to be classified as overseas.. but anywhere which requires passport will have to be considered as overseas isn't it? :P

Before the trip, I hesitated as I forsee there will be nothing for me to do over there... I dunno how to swim... therefore, I was determined to give watersports a miss. Fortunately, I did not "Fly kite" and woke up damn early on 16/01/2010 to catch the ferry at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. Thoughtful Kyann prepared yummy Egg Mayo sandwich for our breakfast and a packet of milo each.

We reached our resort without much hassle.. and we are glad that the friendly service crew there allowed us to have an early check in.
We simply love the resort ... its beautiful =D
View from our room The water sports house... where the adventure starts~~ The gals looked forward to Snorkeling , but the wave was too strong and sea condition was not suitable for the activity that morning... Despite feeling disappointed, they decided to go for banana boat... I was struggling whether to join them... but I did not want to spoil their fun.. therefore, I agreed to go ahead with that... The moment I wore the life jacket and felt the wave on my feet.... I really really regretted....
The wave was quite strong that day. I reluctantly climbed up to the banana boat and for dunno what stupid reason... I was seated infront... I only remembered myself shouting "WHY AM INFRONT? WHY AM I INFRONT????!!!" The gals requested the crew to be infront with me .. but it was too late...

Telle: Jo! Move infront! Move Move!

Me: -_-lll (%#&#%#*(%*%#$&&)
The "journey" was disgustingly horrifying... I literally screamed all the way using my head voice... I think the sea got so annoyed by me that it decided to capsize my boat and all of us fell into the sea for the first time.... There was an immediate silence after that....

I sank quite a bit before I started floating up... the feeling was horrendous... I was terrified and opened my eyes in the sea... I saw the stupid capsized banana and some pairs struggling legs.... HAHAHAHA That was when I finally realised.. Shit! I am in the middle of the sea! There's no land under my feet!!!! #$^&$#&$%&#$$%#$#^$% I lost my right contact lens into the deep blue sea.. hope no marine species will get indigestion because of that... Opps!

I tried so hard to calm down.. and I was so glad when I finally float out from the water... The wave brought me so far away from my sisters... I heard them shouting to me .. "Jo! you ok?" " Give me your hand! give me your hand!" "Save her first! save her first! She is very scared!" LOL
Finally, I got hold of the speed boat.. and refused to let go my hand... I told the guy I dun want to go back to that stupid banana anymore and he was like "-_-lll"... He tried so hard to pull me up to the boat... but I simply have no strength to push myself up... I seriously think my weight plays a part for that .... hmmmmm... I clinched on to the boat for quite awhile.. feeling so helpless... he finally gave up and told his colleague who was on the banana boat to save me... The moment I heard the word "Banana" I shouted back at him "I don't wanna go back! I don't want I don't want!" ... hahaha He calmed me down by explaining to me that I have to go back to the BB first before they can transfer me to the speed boat... True enough.. It was so much easier climbing back to the BB.

After I was transferred to the speed boat... the journey continued... I regretted again... the speed boat was equally terrifying... and I was so worried that I may fly out of the boat... I felt so useless... so timid.... haiz... and ya.. so awkward... cus I was face to face with the crew... looking so super "CHUI"... -_-lll It's not just a scary journey.. it's also a painful journey.. my left knee and my butt suffered nasty bruise after that...

I thought I was scared that's why the whole journey felt so long... later I realised they really did extend the duration... The gals on the BB had to signal the guy to go back .. if not the journey will be even longer.... -_-lll

I may sound like I did not enjoy the activity, but I was so glad that I gave it a try... at least I know how it feels to be on and in the sea... hahahaha I get to be on the speed boat too! $8 per person... worth while isn't it? hahahaha

My saviours! Left being the Banana Boat saviour and right being the Speed Boat saviour =D

The friendly and crazy crews of the water sports house~

After the BB, we went back to our room and prepared our self for Nagoya... The crew offered their service to drive us around batam and brought us to have our seafood dinner in the evening.

We had A&W for our tea break.. but to our disappointment.. Curly fries were out of stock... :(
The famous "London Bridge"

Our "tour guide" Mr. Ilman

Kyann kept complaining about the wind messing up her hair... Ilman held on to her hair for the sake of photography... sweet isn't it? LOL

Got bullied...
Second day @ Turi

We woke up early to have buffet breakfast...
Telle was prepared to go for her second adventure... Parasailing!
I salute her courage... Part-time reporter cum videographer...
Up she goes! Kyann tried parasailing before and she told Telle she will land on the shore or on the boat... ensured her that she will not get wet... but who knows... they landed her in the middle of the sea... LOL She was so lucky cus her saviour came to save her with a Jet-Ski! So sweet! :D Parasailing and Jet-Ski ride in one package... another worthwhile activity~Back to our room.. preparing to check out and go for our photography finale...Our "Gate" ... The scenery around the resort is beautiful and the weather is perfect~
Our trip ended beautifully and off we go!
I really enjoyed myself and I miss TURI! Special thanks to my dearest sistas for taking care of me throughout the trip! Love Ya!

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